What is Pedikarma

PediKarma(tm) is inspired by the Indian foot massage treatment called Kansa Vataki and the Padaprakshalana ceremony in which the feet are respectfully and loving bathed as an acknowledgment of the beauty and goodness that is our true nature. “PediKarma: here means “actions” or the things we do that have results. A seamless,  relaxing, yet energizing treatment that includes a balancing Himalayan salt foot bath, neck massage, Ayurvedic reflexology, the gentle and soothing massage with three-metal bowl, and finishes wit a gentle cleaning and exfoliation with an herbal powder.  This treatment will lighten your step, give you a sense of balance and grounding, and brighten your mood. The multi-step treatment includes:

  • Soaking the feet in a deep, warm, and aromatic Himalayan salts foot bath
  • Massaging the Marma points (Ayurvedic vital energy points) and their associated reflexology areas
  • Kansa Vataki – rubbing the feet with a golden-color three-metal bowl and
  • Applying Ubtan Cleanser – dusting and gently exfoliating the feet with a blend of flour, herbs, and rose petals

Who benefits from Receiving PediKarma(tm)? People feel more busy than they want to be People who feel stressed or anxious Workers who stand for long periods of time People who work at or around computers or strong electro-magnetic energies frequently People who are unfamiliar with spa services that would feel “safe” with only taking off their shows and socks Anyone with signs of extra heat, such as…

  • red, itchy eyes
  • eye strain
  • redness in face
  • hot flashes
  • irritability or unpredictable temper
  • difficulty sleeping

Benefits from Each of The Steps in the PediKarma(tm) Treatment…

Foot Soaks – soaking the feet in warm water infused with Himalayan salt and organic bay, eucalyptus, and ginger oils

  • Welcoming, luxurious, and nurturing
  • Relaxing and grounding
  • Calming to the nervous system
  • Thoroughly cleansing in a gentle and comfortable way

Ayurvedic Reflexology – pressing on a sequence of areas and specific points on the toes and the soles of the feet.

  • Re-aligns the skeletal structure, especially the back
  • Improves the function of the organs and glands
  • Helps to balance emotions
  • Increases circulation to the brain
  • Improves concentration
  • Relieves insomnia and deepens rest
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Eases both acute and chronic pain

Benefits of Kansa Vataki – rubbing the oiled feet thoroughly with the three-metal bowl

  • Helps to balance the subtle energies of the body
  • Soothes the eyes and eye area
  • Calms high skin tones
  • Improves posture
  • Reduces acidity in the entire body
  • Invokes a deep experience of relaxation
  • Grounding
  • Centering and peaceful

Using the Ubtan – Ayurvedic cleansing and exfoliating powder

  • Gently cleanses away the excess oil and exfoliates the skin and feet
  • Makes the skin soft and the feet more mobile
  • Helps the feet feel fresh, light, and energized
  • Provides a unique, satisfying, and caring conclusion to the treatment

The Results PediKarma(tm) leaves the feet feeling soft, supple, and alive.  One feels balanced from head to toe, ready to meet the world, refreshed.  Clearer and calmer from deep rest and a feast of touch experiences, every client is sure to step away from the treatment with a relaxed, smiling expression on their face.