“All the knowledge of the Universe is inside you.”

The ancient art of Mudras (hand gestures) can be found in many cultures and religions. Yoga mudras are a great way to clear your mind, eliminate stress and balance the body. The powerful healing art of these mudras can change your life. This class will be a combination of mudras, breath work and meditation. These easy fun techniques will help you tap into your natural rhythm, connect you to the earth and bring clarity to your life. Mudras help you overcome obstacles, become a money magnet, renew and strengthen relationships.
Instructor: Bobbi Williams

2 Hour Workshop-$25  Thurs April 7Th   6:30-8:30

For more information or to register call 412-441-0860 or

It’s Possible!
Overcome ADHD with Tom Menditto
Sunday, February 20th 6pm-8pm
Come to this free introductory session to meet Pittsburgh’s ADHD Coach, Tom Menditto, who has successfully overcome ADHD and can teach you how to overcome it too.  Tom has been symptom and medication free for over 12 years, and will share with you his journey through this process and the techniques that he discovered along the way.  He will reveal to you his keys of transformation, and present to you a way to unlock your hidden potential.   If you are looking to finally overcome the many struggles that you face as an adult with ADHD, then come and explore the possibilities.  Tom will be launching a series of workshops in the months to come, and here is your opportunity to come for free, learn about how to reach your potential, and to ask as many questions as you want.

To register call: 412-441-0860
For more info: 215-307-9855

Start 2011 with a clean slate! The CleanPlate Cleanse begins 1/20/2011!

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